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    Good News! Well Lead is named as “Guangdong province Quality Credit Class A Medical Device Manufacturer for year 2016”

    release time:2017-06-01

     On31th of March, Guangdong SFDA publish Guangdong province quality credit class Amedical device manufacturers list. Well Lead is on the list for 10 years.  

      Guangdong SFDA rated the manufacturer quality as class A, B, C. Quality CreditClass A Manufacturer means good quality management. Quality Credit Class B Manufacturermeans quality is acceptable. Quality Credit Class C Manufacturer means qualitymanagement system have defects. Medical device manufacturer Classification listare update once a year. Every year, before March 30th, the last year’sQuality Credit Class A Manufacturer list will publish on public web side ofSFDA.

    Duringthese years, Well Lead hold the Quality Policy- Strictly control themanufacturing process, improve products quality, continuously satisfy thechanging needs from customer. We keep on improving our Quality ManagementSystem, training all the employees, and controlling the production and managingprocedure, so as to let the Quality Management to be standardization, Institutionalization,and procedural. Well Lead is deserved to be Guangdong Quality Class A MedicalDevice Manufacturer in the 10 years. 

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